Exhibition: “The Human multidimensionality “


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Both artworks as a whole represent the multidimensionality of the human: Physical, spiritual, cosmic and ethereal. They try to capture existentialist questions that haunt minds since the beginning of time, and poses a new existentialism for modern man, who through the development and advancement of science, acquires knowledge about the laws of the universe


1080 X 1080 PX

This Collection will be available for auction starting on March 2022

The time and space we inhabit. Understand ourselves as the product of a succession of infinite events. The effect of time that never stops and shapes our context. The evolution that I bring about brings new discoveries that alter our perception of reality.

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beyond time Question our passage through this planet and try to give meaning to existence. I thought of life at its best, and its inevitable outcome. I thought about those humans who transcended and how they managed to remain and immortalize themselves. I wanted to represent the splendor of life, the twilight, and our legacy, which will remain beyond our physical realities.

About the artist: Sonia Sosa

Sonia Sosa

Sonia Sosa was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1990. Soon in her life she became interested in the arts, and discovered that she wanted to be a Creator. He studied Textile Design at the University of Buenos Aires, where he was able to develop his graphic skills. In 2018 she began to enter the world of visual arts, seduced by the idea of ​​representing more introspective issues in her work, driven by the inherent need to create. Its purpose is to produce attractive images, playing with concepts and the strong use of color.

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